How do I create a listing?
After you have signed up, switch to 'Mentor' in the left-hand navigation menu, and then click 'My Listings'. Fill out all the fields on the page, and make sure you enter your bank details in the 'Bank Details' page before you publish.

What should I include in my listing?
Include all the information a parent might need to make a decision about how suitable this is for their child, or anything an adult learner would want to know before they commit to booking. Think of it as your own website.

Can I set up a listing if I don’t know the exact dates yet?
Yes, no problemo. When you reach the dates section of the listing process, just leave it blank.

Can I create multiple listings?
Yes! As many as you want.

How can I remove a listing?
At the moment, you cannot completely remove a listing. But you can unpublish a listing so it is not visible to anyone except you. To do this, go to the 'My Listings' page, click the listing you wish to unpublished, and click on the green toggle in the menu.

Will my address & location be visible on Eequ?
Your Home Town, listed on your profile, is visible and you give an address for your experience on your listing.

How do I set a price for my listing?
You set your price during the process when you click on the 'Price' edit button. For more information about how you should price your experience, have a read through this article.

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