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Can I use other websites/platforms?
Can I use other websites/platforms?

Guidelines for Mentors about using other website/platforms

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We encourage mentors to process their bookings through Eequ only. 

This is because we are working very hard every day to create a community, and we put a lot of our time and money into customer support, helping mentors with their listings and advertising them across social media and beyond 🛰 

Like everyone, we love to see that our hard work is paying off!

What's more, we think our platform is great! Some of the features we think you'll value are the secure messaging, payment system and automated cancellation policy. Isn't it easy to have all that info in one place, instead of chasing it across emails, phone calls, texts and spreadsheets?

We are also collecting data to create a valuable online reputation for you. We are recording how many learners and which learners you teach as well as data on your reviews. We predict that digital reputations will become essential for self-employed people in the future - and we want to help you get ahead of the game. We will also make recommendations to people in the network of the learners you mentor and learners with similar profiles, so that we can promote your listings.

In the future we hope to be able to make suggestions to you about how you might use your skills and knowledge to meet learning demands beyond the scope of your current listings.

Operating through the platform is important to the learner so that they can build a rich portfolio that has been verified by third party mentors like you. The more data they collect, the more intelligent we can be in providing educational opportunities and support for them. So don't just do it for you, or for us, do it for your learners too!

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