Reflections are a great way for learners to show their appreciation to top-notch mentors, and to encourage more people to book their classes, workshops or courses. 

So, if you've recently finished a session but not yet received any reflections, here's how you can encourage your learners to leave their thoughts for others to see.

How the reflection system works

Once a session or a block of sessions is over, everyone who booked will receive an email with a link. If you provide learning experiences for children, it will be their parents leaving the reflection, if you teach adult learners, it will be the learners themselves.

When they click the link, they will be taken to the reflections page, where they can leave some words and a star rating. Once they submit this, it will appear on your profile and listing page.

Alternatively, learners can access the reflection page through their dashboard under their 'Previous Listings'.

An in-depth tutorial on how to this can be found here.

So how do I send my learners a link to leave a reflection?

You can't send learners a link to the reflection page directly, but you can send them a link to this tutorial, so they can read a short article on how to leave a reflection. Also ask them to watch out for an email from us with a link to the reflection page.

Remember, learners are much more likely to leave a reflection if you do the same for them! Don't forget to reflect on each learner's progress after your session or block is over. Not sure how to do this? Visit our tutorial on how to leave reflections for learners here.

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