We’ve thought long and hard about how to categorise our learning experiences. 

You might expect us to divide experiences into conventional subject categories like maths, foreign languages, sports, crafts and so on. However, we think it is vital for both educators and learners to consider the development of a balanced person and wanted to find a better way to classify learning.

We are using the ‘Multiple Intelligences’ framework created by the psychologist Howard Gardner to categorise the learning experiences. We call them ‘Strengths’.

The strengths categories are:

  • Verbal - e.g reading and writing, thinking in words, storytelling

  • Logic - e.g cognitive problem solving, thinking about abstract ideas

  • Visual - e.g drawing and painting, using and manipulating space

  • Musical - e.g creating, performing and appreciating music, singing, and playing

  • Body - e.g using one's body, manipulating objects, dancing and sports

  • People - e.g exercising empathy and compassion, resolving conflict in groups

  • Inner - e.g self awareness, self management, self motivation, authenticity

  • Naturalistic - e.g interest in the natural world, recognising flora and fauna

  • Existential - e.g contemplating deep questions about the human condition

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