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For as long as I can remember I’ve heard people complain that the education system is broken. We worry that it cannot cater to every unique person and that it cannot keep up with the speed of change in our lives and work.

The solutions so far are twofold:

  • Bricks and mortar institutions strive to build an ideal school with a curriculum to serve every child.

  • The technology world believes we can craft the perfect lesson and then replicate it a billion times.

I founded Eequ in 2018 in Forest Row, East Sussex because I believe there is an alternate future for education. One that is radically decentralised.

Decentralisation means it is possible for an infinite number of learning experiences to be offered, tried out, changed and reinvented continually. It allows for infinite philosophies, pedagogies, learning styles and interests. It empowers the smallest initiatives with the same resources as the largest. It fosters diversity, agility and innovation. The purpose of the technology is to provide a flexible tool to describe your ideas, search, coordinate a group and to keep a record.

This approach means that more people can earn an income doing what they love and sharing their wisdom with their communities.


Eequ began as a platform for parents but now, quite rightly, extends to adults. We no longer follow the traditional linear path of study, work, retire. We must all embrace weaving in and out of a long life of learning.


Eequ is not your typical edtech platform. We bet against the consensus because we focus on real, face to face, in-person learning. Whilst there is undoubtedly much valuable content available online, we value authentic learning relationships more highly.

Institutions are merely venues for human teachers. Eequ puts the teacher first and we use the word ‘Mentor’ to signify the long term interest that is the ideal.

Learning relationships leave us with an abiding sense of gratitude and a desire to give back. Teaching makes us feel valued and needed and leaves us with a sense of belonging.

The experience of belonging, of making your art your work, of finding meaning in work, cannot be taught it must be experienced. It is not an online experience, it comes from the human encounter.

Research has demonstrated that we forget most of what we learn in school and the majority of learning is never applied in a work or life situation. Perhaps much of what children learn in school today will be irrelevant by 2050.

However, the need for community, emotional intelligence and resilience will endure.

Our name, Eequ, is a nod to the term ‘EQ’ or Emotional Quotient.

This is your platform.

It is made with love by people who believe there is another way. In fact, we believe there are many ways.

Welcome to Eequ,

Avida Hancock

– Founder

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