Sometimes, you might want to offer something a little different. Perhaps it's a taster session, or a one-to-one session rather than a group. Sometimes, your learners may even request something slightly different to what you're offering. That's where the bespoke invoice comes in.

To create a bespoke invoice, simply click on Bespoke Invoice in the left-hand navigation menu. Once you're on the page, you'll be presented with a form to fill out. Here's some advice on how to fill out each field:

  1. Selecting your booker
    You are only able to create a bespoke invoice for someone who has already made a booking with you, or messaged you through Eequ. If there is a new learner that you would like to send an invoice to, ask them to drop you a message on the platform, and their name will appear in the dropdown menu (we're working on a way to be able to request this via email).

  2. Selecting your learners
    In some cases, the learner may be the same person as the booker, and in other cases the learner may be the child of the booker. If you select a booker, and their child does not appear in the 'Learner' dropdown menu, it's probably because they have not added a child profile yet. Hit the 'Request child profile' button to prompt them to do so. They will receive a message through Eequ and an email.

  3. Selecting your experience
    All your published experiences will appear in the 'Select experiences' dropdown menu. If you can't see the one you're after, double check it has been published and try again.

  4. Selecting your dates
    Here you can choose between a date or dates that you are already advertising on your listing page, or create a completely new date or set of dates.

  5. Selecting the type of booking
    This section just gives a little bit more info to the booker about what you're offering. Choose 'Other' and write your own if none of them apply to you.

  6. Setting a price for each learner
    Set your price for individual learners. This allows you to offer concessions and discounts if you want to.

  7. Send a message
    You may want to add a little more information or explanation for the booker. Write it here!

  8. Hit 'Send invoice'
    Hooray, you're done!

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