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What can I use a bespoke invoice for?
What can I use a bespoke invoice for?

How to get the best out of the bespoke invoice

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The bespoke invoice is there for when you want to offer - or a learner asks for - something a bit different to your normal listing. This could be:

  • taster session

  • one-to-one session

  • private session

  • family 'ticket'

  • bulk payment

  • deposit or instalment

  • discount

  • 'top-up' payment for extras such as equipment

  • 'top-up' payment if booker paid less than they should have

  • adding an extra learner to a fully booked group

  • 'catch-up' payment if a booker forgot to pay/you forgot to charge

Here's a list of some of the more complicated scenarios, and how to get the best out of the bespoke invoice:

  • You want to top up a booking value or add a payment for something extra, like equipment. The booker has already paid something for the course/workshop.

    Solution: Don't select the pre-existing date - you will not be able to charge for this date again. Instead, add the date(s) of the workshop/course as a new date(s). It will appear as a separate block to your existing one but there will be a record for the correct date.

  • Your booker forgot to book/pay but attended a session.

    Solution: Check your existing dates for the relevant block and select it. This will show the booker as attending all the sessions in the block, but you can customise the price.

  • You want to bill someone for something in the past that you never created a block for.

    Solution: Create a block in the past. They will be invoiced for these dates.

  • You want to bill someone for an existing block but they didn't attend every session and you don't want their invoice to show all historic sessions in the block.

    Solution: Don't select the pre-existing block. Just add the dates they attended in the past instead. The record will be separate to the other attendees but accurate.

  • You want to add an additional place onto your block.

    Solution: Just select the block and when the invoice is sent and paid for an extra place will be added. This will appear in your schedule as 13/12 place booked (for example). This is a way to add an extra place without having to do so for all of your courses.

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