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How can I run a report on non-attenders?
How can I run a report on non-attenders?

Download a list of children who have not attended so that you can contact parents.

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Some activities, such as popular holiday clubs, have limited places. You may wish to follow up with parents of children who have not attended or given a reason.

To run a report on non-attenders go to your Schedule Page and click the Export Schedule Data button in the top right corner.

> Select the date range of sessions for this report

> Select the listings

> Select the data you need including the first checkbox - "Attended"

Your data will download as a CSV. You can open this in any format, such as Numbers, Google Sheets or Excel.
Filter out the children who are marked as attended to arrive at your list of non-attenders.

Vote for a "Message all non-attenders" feature

Some Mentors would like to see a feature on Eequ whereby you can filter and message non-attenders for any session. If you would like to vote for this feature, click here.

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