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SEND Short Breaks
Getting started for SEND Short Breaks
Getting started for SEND Short Breaks

Find our how to create a listing to provide SEND Short Breaks for your Council

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Your Council has asked you to use Eequ to take bookings for the SEND Short Breaks you are providing. 🎉

Ensure you ask your council before you start:

  1. Dates and duration of sessions

  2. The number of sessions you should offer

  3. Who will attend? The adult, the SEND child, siblings?

  4. Pricing, if relevant.

⏰ Creating your first listing will take about 30 minutes.

Prepare the following:

📸 2-5 nice quality photographs of the activity and/or venue

📝 At least 5 lines of description about the activity

🟠 A logo of your organisation

✏️ A few lines about your organisation

Go here to be guided step-by-step through the creation of your first listing:

On the first page, you will be asked if you are offering Council Funded bookings.

  • Southwark & Milton-Keynes SEND Short Breaks providers tick "Yes"

  • Brighton & Hove SEND Short Breaks Providers tick "No". (You are processing paid bookings and we will move you to our central system for the summer delivery)


· Staff training

· Experience of working with SEND children & young people

· Skills of the lead staff/coaches

· Whether they work 1:1 and support medical needs

· Space where the activity is held - does it offer quiet areas

· What can children & young people do if they don't want to join in

Book a support call if you get stuck here:

Book a training call

Once you are finished (or have got as far as you can with the guided flow), please book a 30-minute training session for your staff to prepare for bookings:

​Can I set up a listing if I don’t know the exact dates yet?

Yes, no problem but note no one will be able to book. We will display "Register your Interest" and viewers can leave their names and contact details.

Do I need to add tickets to publish?

No, you don't need to add tickets​ but as above, no one will be able to book until you do.

How can I share the listing?

We'll show you the link as soon as you publish. It will be on the top right corner of all your editing pages as well. You will see "Share" icons on the public page also.

​Can I create multiple listings?

Yes! As many as you want.

Each venue must have a separate listing as we send the address with each booking.

We recommend a separate listing if the type of activity is different.

We recommend a separate listing for distinct age groups.

Remember - you can reuse your listing many times. You just add new dates.

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