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How do I prompt my learners to give a review?
How do I prompt my learners to give a review?

We call reviews - Reflections. Find out how they work in this article.

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We call Reviews - "Reflections". We think this sets the right tone. πŸ’Œ

Reflections are a great way for learners to show their appreciation and to provide feedback. Bookers love to read other people's Reflections before they book their classes, workshops or courses.Β 

Are Reflection requests sent out automatically?

No. We know that Mentors typically have repeat customers and they don't want them to be bombarded with requests. We leave you in control so you can decide who you ask and when you do it.

How can I prompt my bookers to leave a Reflection?

Once a session is over, you can send a group message to your bookers and ask them to follow this link to send a message:

They can open their menu and go to Reflections at any time as well.

Are my reviews shown on all my listings?

Yes! We know that your reputation grows across all your activities and we think it works well to display all your 'Reflections' on all your listings. We indicate with a label, when a Reflection relates to a different listing.

In summary, simply send a message inviting bookers to leave a review by sharing this link:

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