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Exporting or Downloading Data
Exporting or Downloading Data

How to extract a spreadsheet of information about your sessions, listings or customers.

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Where can I extract a spreadsheet?

There are three places where you can extract data in a spreadsheet form on Eequ.

Let's find out more about these options and what kind of information you can extract.

Schedule Page

Your Schedule Page is focused on APPROVED bookings and tells you about people that were booked, approved and attended any given session. It does not tell you about declined, cancelled or expired sessions.

Simple Register

For a quick register download, click the green arrow next to TAKE REGISTER

Combined Register

You can also export data from several listings at the same time.

Click the Export schedule data button in the top right of the Schedule Page and choose what you would like to extract.

This page is great for seeing your information ordered with one row for each learner and each session.

If you are a HAF Mentor, this is probably the best export for you as it will provide a count of the number of children that fall into each eligibility category.

Listing Page

On your Listing Page, you can download information about one listing at a time. Each listing may have a different questionnaire and so each listing may have slightly different columns.

There are three different formats you can extract:

  1. Marketing

  2. HAF

  3. Custom

Let's look closer at what each of these provides:


The Marketing option provides a unique list of bookers for your marketing purposes.

  • Booker name

  • Booker email

  • Marketing consent

  • Date of marketing consent


The HAF option provides one booking per row. It provides all the free HAF bookings together with comprehensive details about the booking including:

  • Total sessions in the booking

  • Total hours in the booking

  • All the Council's HAF questions


The Custom option provides one booking per row. It provides all the bookings for all the ticket types together with all the questions set by you at checkout.

If you are a HAF Mentor and offer PAID tickets you may need to use this download if you want to see both your PAID and your FREE bookings.

Payout Page

On the Payout Page, you can export a simple or detailed spreadsheet giving you a breakdown of what Eequ has paid out to you (called a Payout) and how this figure is calculated.

If you need any more help then please use the chatbot on the right or contact us at - we'll be delighted to hear from you 😁

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