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Who can be a Mentor on Eequ?
Who can be a Mentor on Eequ?

Got something to offer but not sure if you qualify? Find out here.

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So you want to be a mentor? πŸ€”

At Eequ we don't believe in restrictive rules, we think that anyone who has a passion or skill to share with their community should be encouraged to do so!

All we ask is that you are passionate, genuine and invested in what you teach. So we've come up with a list of guidelines for potential mentors. Have a read through, and if you can give a big old βœ… to each of the following statements, you're good to go.

Our Mentor Guidelines

  • You are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about what you teach

  • You know why your activity is beneficial to the people of the ages you teach

  • You can speak confidently about all things you want your learners to learn.

  • You want to provide feedback for learners so they can grow.

  • You want to receive feedback so you can grow.

  • You think deeply about how to provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Agree with the above? Welcome aboard. Now come and set up your first listing with Eequ. A full tutorial on how to do so can be found here.

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