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Creating a Listing

Answers to the questions we're often asked about creating a listing.

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If this is your first listing use our step-by-step guided set up. Click this link to get started:

If you already have a listing and want to offer something different, you can create a new listing by going to:

Main menu > My listings > Create listing button

How do I create a listing?

Create an Eequ account making sure you are in Mentor mode (main menu), then:

  1. Click My Listings from the main menu

  2. From this page click the green Create Listing button

  3. Fill out all the fields on the new page

  4. If you are taking paid bookings make sure you enter your bank details on the Bank Details page

  5. Publish your listing.

​What should I include in my listing?

Include all the information a Booker would need to decide how suitable your activity is for themselves or the person they are booking for. Add an engaging description a Booker would want to know before committing to book - think of it as your own website.

​Can I set up a listing if I don’t know the exact dates yet?

Yes, no problem but note no one will be able to book. We will display "Register your Interest" and viewers can leave their names and contact details.

Do I need to add tickets in order to publish?

No, you don't need to add tickets​ but as above, no one will be able to book until you do.

How can I share the listing?

We'll show you the link as soon as you publish. It will be on the top right corner of all your editing pages as well. You will see "Share" icons on the public page also.

​Can I create multiple listings?

Yes! As many as you want.

How can I remove a listing?

You have two options:

1. Unpublish the Listing:

The listing is only visible to you. Do this by:

  1. Go to My Listings page

  2. Select the listing and click Manage listing

  3. From the drawer go to Publish and turn the green toggle off

2. Delete the Listing:

  1. Follow the steps 1 and 2 above

  2. From the drawer go to the bottom and click Delete, a confirmation modal will appear - click Delete or, Cancel if you are unsure.

Will my address & location be visible on Eequ?

  • Eequ does not ask for your home address at any time.

  • The location you add to your activity will be displayed on your Listing page (this could be your home address)

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