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Learners: Cancellation/Refund FAQs
Learners: Cancellation/Refund FAQs

Guidelines for Learners/Parents on how to cancel

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What if I have to cancel?

Sometimes, life gets in the way. It's best not to cancel if you can help it, but we understand that plans change. Just make sure you check your mentor's cancellation policy, as some may not offer refunds, depending on how much notice you give.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel a booking or session via your Cancel page. Click on Cancel in the left-hand navigation menu, fill out the form with the correct details and send it off. You will be refunded in accordance with the mentor’s cancellation policy. We encourage you to complete the form even if there is no refund as a courtesy to the mentor. When you complete a form the mentor will get an email and a message. 

What if my child misses an individual lesson in a block?

Always send a cancellation form to your mentor as a courtesy. Refunds will depend on the mentor’s cancellation policy. 

How/when will I get a refund?

We aim to get your refund to you as soon as possible and this will be no longer than 14 days. 

What if the mentor cancels a booking?

This is very rare, and we hope it never happens! However sometimes a mentor may be ill or unforeseen circumstances may arise. If this is the case, you will be notified by email and refunded in full for the missed session.

What if the mentor does not turn-up for an activity?

Please contact us straight away so that we can investigate. You will be refunded in full for any service that is not delivered. 

What happens if the minimum group size for an activity is not met?

The mentor will normally wait to achieve their minimum group size before they approve the booking. We ask them to keep you up to date during any waiting period. 

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