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Everything we're asked about pricing, payments and platform charges

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How do I set a price for my listing?

You will set your price in process of creating your listing. For a full tutorial on how to set your price, click here.

What's a fair price for my experience?

The price of your experience is completely up to you. Think about how much you'd need to earn to make it worthwhile, and consider offering a cheaper price if you're teaching larger groups. It's always a good idea to do some research! Have a look at similar experiences on Eequ to get a feel for what people will pay. For some more tips on this subject, visit this article.

When will I get paid?

You will be paid out 24 hours after a session has occurred. It may take several days for the money to clear into your bank account.

How much does Eequ charge me?

Mentors pay a 2% Eequ fee on each booking. They also pay a 2% Stripe fee for processing the transaction. At a total of 4% this is a very competitive rate compared to other booking platforms.

How much does Eequ charge the learner?

Learners are charged a 3% fee on each booking.

Can I apply additional charges, e.g. for materials?

No, the amount quoted should be inclusive of all costs. 

Can I offer a discount/customised fees?

Mentors can offer a concession price to any learner they deem eligible.

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