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Mentors: Cancellation/Refund FAQs
Mentors: Cancellation/Refund FAQs

Everything we're asked by mentors about cancellations

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Can I change the date/time of an experience?

You can edit the dates and times of an experience before has been booked. If one of your courses or workshops has already had booking interest, you will not be able to edit the dates or the times.

You cannot cancel dates that have had booking activity (this could be a booking, or a request), you must instead cancel all bookings from your Cancel page.

What if I have to cancel an activity / session?

You can cancel a session or a group of sessions by visiting your Cancel page. This page allows you to cancel for individual learners or do a bulk cancellation for everyone booked onto a course or session. An automatic refund will be issued to your learners for any dates that you cancel.

What if a learner/parent has to cancel?

A learner can cancel a booking or session via their Cancel page. The refund will not be issued automatically so you will need to let us know if you would like to refund them.

What if a learner/child misses an individual lesson in a block?

We advise learners/parents to cancel any session they cannot attend via their Cancel page as a courtesy. Refunds will depend on your cancellation policy. 

How/when will learners/parents get a refund?

We aim to get the refund paid as soon as possible and this will be no longer than 14 days. 

What happens if a learner/child does not turn-up?

You are not obliged to do anything - if you have approved their booking you will still be paid out after the session. But if you wish to contact the parent or learner you may do so using the messaging system. 

What happens if the minimum group size for an activity is not met?

If the minimum group size has not been met, you can decide whether or not to carry on with the session. If you want to cancel, you can do this via your Cancel page. Just fill out the form for the correct dates and learners. All of your learners with cancelled sessions will be automatically refunded.

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