How to create a Bespoke Invoice

How to create a booking for a customer using a Bespoke Invoice.

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A Bespoke Invoice allows you to send a booking to a customer. You can request a payment or offer a free space. It is also useful for rescheduling dates. A Bespoke Invoice allows you to take control of the booking and it can help parents who are new to the platform.

Two conditions are needed to create a Bespoke Invoice;

1) The person you are invoicing needs to have an account with Eequ

2) The person you are invoicing needs to have contacted you either by message or by a previous booking

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How will my customer know about the booking?

When you send a bespoke invoice, your booker will receive an email that looks like this:

How will I know I have been paid?

Once it has been paid you will receive this email to confirm:

How can I track the invoices I have sent?

The learners you have offered places to by Bespoke Invoice will automatically appear in your register as we consider that you have already approved them.

If there is an outstanding payment we will display "UNPAID INVOICE" next to the learners name on the register.

You can track the status of all your invoices on your bookings page by using the filters and labels.

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