Making a booking on Eequ is quick and simple 👍 Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the listing page of the experience you would like to book.

  2.  Click the green 'Book' button.

  3. Choose the date(s) you would like to book and click 'Book'.

  4. In Step 1 of the payment flow, choose who will be learning.

  5. In Step 2, select your ticket type: Standard or Concession - if concession is offered.

  6. In Step 3, enter your card and bank details, and click 'Confirm and pay'.

  7. Voilà! You've booked. Your mentor must now approve your booking request. You will be notified when they have done so.

You can also ask your mentor for a bespoke invoice if you want to make an arrangement that is slightly different to what they're offering, such as a one-to-one session. Just send them a message with your request, and they'll be able to send the invoice to you.

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