How to duplicate your listing

Save time by copying an existing listing

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You've spent lots of time perfecting your listing and it's spot on - but now you want to offer something similar with a few key differences... Does that mean you have to start a brand new listing from scratch? No!

You can duplicate your existing listing, which means all of your text and images will be copied over onto a new version. This means you only have to make a few small adjustments instead of writing everything up all over again.

Reasons you may want to duplicate your listing:

  • You're offering the same/similar provision at different locations

  • You're offering the same/similar provision for different ages

  • You're offering a slightly different provision and don't want to start from scratch

How you can duplicate your listing:

  • Go to your My Listings page in the navigation menu

  • Click on the listing you wish to duplicate

  • Click on Duplicate Listing in the menu

  • Your listing will be copied and you'll be able to edit the new version

  • Your new duplicated listing will now appear in your My Listings page

It's as simple as that!

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