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Register Interest is a free feature for every Eequ Mentor ✨

This standard feature helps you to test an idea or gather feedback without committing to dates. You simply publish a listing, describing your idea with as much detail as possible and browsers can register their interest. This is also useful when dates for one course or event has passed. We will automatically invite browsers to register interest for the next event or term.

Where does Register Interest appear on my listings?

  • Any published lists with no active dates

What are the benefits?

  • Browsers are encouraged to register their interest

  • You get a list of names and contact details

  • Browsers can also add a personal message to help you fix a date or refine your idea

Find your Register Interest List

On your Listings Page, click the blue link underneath Registered interest.

What bookers see

If your listing has no active dates, we encourage browsers to register their interest.

When a booker joins the Register Interest List they can add an additional message if they wish.

Browers are encouraged to share the listing and drum up more interest.

Managing your Register Interest List

You will get an email from us and can see an overview of all interested people on your Waiting List page > Registered Interest Tab. Manage your Waiting List from your Listing Page.

You can see individual messages, reply instantly and add new dates.

Inviting an interested person to book

Once you add new dates anyone will be able to book but it is a good idea to send a Magic Link to your list to promote the new dates. Simply click the blue icon and send any additional information.

We will send a beautiful email to encourage your interested list to book.

So, give your ideas wings, create a listing and ask for feedback. We hope you love using this feature!

Check out a similar feature - Waiting Lists.

If you need any help, reach out to or click the intercom button on the bottom right of this page.

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