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How to correct my child's date of birth
How to correct my child's date of birth

You might be asked by your Council or HAF provider to correct your child's date of birth or name. This article explains how to do it.

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If you are booking a HAF activity, you will need to give your child's precise date of birth and correct spell their name. This is so that it can be matched to their name and date of birth on the Free School Meals or referral list. This is done automatically on Eequ.

Everyone makes mistakes, so don't worry if you are declined. You will be able to edit these details and book again.

How to correct my child's date of birth or name spelling

Option 1: From your Profile Page

  1. Login to

  2. Open your Menu in the top left corner

  3. Go to your Profile Page

  4. Click on the Tab with your child's name

  5. Check and edit the details

Option 2: During checkout

  1. Find the listing and Book again

  2. In the first step of checkout click EDIT next to the child's name

3. A modal will pop up and allow you to edit the details.

Why can't I edit the original booking?

Each booking is a declaration of important information that your council and provider rely on to ensure the needs of your child are met. We do not allow this to be edited by either party so that it can be referred to with confidence at any point in the future.

What will happen if I made a booking with an incorrect spelling or date of birth?

Your booking will probably be declined and you will be asked to follow these instructions to book again.

Who should I contact if I need help?

  • If you have any questions about the HAF event, please contact the MENTOR using the button on the listing or via your Messages page

  • If you have any questions about eligibility checking, please contact your HAF council team by email.

  • If you need technical support booking, please contact Eequ using the chat icon on the bottom right of this screen.

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