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Waiting List: Why can't I take bookings?

Understand how the Waiting List works

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"My listing has 15 places available to book but the booking page says it's fully booked?"

Have you got your Waiting List turned on? If yes, read on.

Why can't I take bookings?

As soon as you have become Fully Booked for the first time, the Waiting List becomes active and no one from the public can book.

Please note:

After you become Fully Booked and the Waiting List becomes active you might Decline or Cancel some bookings, freeing up some places. However, the Waiting List remains active allowing you to control the newly available spaces for the people on your Waiting List - the booking page remains closed to bookings.

What do Bookers see?

The public Booking Page will be displayed as Fully Booked (no one can book) and a Join the Waiting List button will be displayed.

How do I invite Waiters to book?

You have to manually send them a Magic link to be able to book. It expires after 24 hours.

How to allow bookings again from the Booking Page

You have three options:

  1. Turn the Waiting List off.

    1. The Waiting List button will disappear from the public Booking Page. It will be displayed as Fully Booked (as all places are taken).

    2. If a booking is cancelled, it will be available to be booked by the public.

    3. Your Waiting List will remain intact and you can still send a magic booking link to waiters.

    4. If you want to offer more places, increase your group size for the Listing or by individual sessions.

  2. Send everyone on the Waiting List a Magic Booking Link.

    Note: The booking page will only open to the public if everyone sent the Magic Booking Link makes a booking.

  3. Remove (delete) everyone on the Waiting List.

    Beware, this action cannot be undone once so make sure you you want to do this.

How to invite people to book from the Waiting List

  1. Go to My Listings from the main Menu

  2. Scroll to the Listing in question and click Manage Waiting List

How to turn the Waiting List off

  1. Go to My Listings from the main Menu

  2. Select the Listing in question and turn the Waiting List toggle title to the Off position


What happens if I turn the Waiting List off but have people on the list?

No problems, the people on the list remain on it and you are still able to send them a Magic Booking Link.

This option works well if you want to open the Booking Page to the public immediately but want to oblige the people who signed up and give them a chance to book.

Can I remove people from the Waiting List?

Yes, you can. Click on the dustbin icon next to their name to remove them from the list.

See also our help article on How to Manage your Waiting List

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