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Getting ready for a new HAF delivery
Getting ready for a new HAF delivery

Learn how to duplicate your listing and get ready to take bookings for your next HAF delivery

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If you have already run a HAF delivery using Eequ and want to get ready for the next holiday season, this article is for you. Learn how to:

  • Duplicate your listing

  • Add new dates

  • Check your settings

  • Hide and unhide your dates

STEP 1 - Duplicate your listing

For most providers it is handy to keep a dedicated listing for each delivery; Easter, Summer and Xmas. This will keep your data clear and easy to look back on.

Occasionally providers offer exactly the same activities each season and can opt to simply add new dates. If you don't need to make edits to your listing, jump to the section for adding new dates.

STEP 2 - Edit the details

You now have a copy and can quickly edit the details. Remember to:

  • Change the title

  • Edit the description

  • Change the cover image

  • Check the group size

STEP 3 - Add new dates

Go to Menu

> My Listing

Select all the dates you will be offering sessions and apply the correct start and finish time.

Step 4 - Add a HAF ticket

Adding the HAF ticket is the magic ๐Ÿ’ซ touch to ensure your data is sent to your Council.

Be sure to select HAF as the ticket type and the correct Council.

Watch this 2 minute video to see how easy it is:

Step 5 - Hide your dates until bookings open for HAF

Your Council will tell you when bookings open for each delivery. Councils normally want to 'go live' on the same day to ensure fairness across all the programmes.

Until that date, you can "HIDE" your blocks of dates and invite people to 'Register their interest'.

Don't forget to UNHIDE your dates on the Go Live date ๐Ÿš€

Any questions? Why not book a quick one-to-one session with our friendly support team:

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