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How to book a HAF session
How to book a HAF session

Find out how to book your favourite HAF activity

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Watch this short video to see the whole booking process for HAF:

Step by step guide of the HAF booking process

When you have a link for listing that you want to book, the process is simple. Click BOOK, SELECT DATES and tick all the dates you want to go.

In Step 1 of checkout select all the attendees.

If you have booked before, your children will appear. If this is your first booking with Eequ, you can Add a Child during checkout.

In Step 2 you can select a ticket.

In Step 3 you must answer a set of questions.

This helps your Council approve eligibility and to help the provider be aware of your child's learning and health needs.

In Step 4, you can complete your booking request.

You will now be taking to your booking page where you can see the details of your booking. It will be shown as "Waiting Approval" initially.

How do I know when my HAF booking request is Approved?

You can see the progress of your booking requests by checking your Booking Page or Schedule Page on Eequ.

Your Schedule Page is a great place to see where you need to be for each child throughout the holidays. The yellow label will change to green when it is approved.

You will also receive email notifications for all your booking requests, confirmations and messages from providers.

Make sure you add to your contacts and check your Spam or Junk folder if you don't immediately get an email.

If you find an email from Eequ in Spam, mark it as safe and drag it to your Inbox.

How do I send messages and cancel sessions?

Simply log in and open your menu to find the messages and cancel pages.

There are lots of helpful buttons on your Schedule Page as well.

How do I leave a review?

We call reviews "Reflections". Simply open your menu, click on Reflections and you will be able to write a Relection on any you have booked.

Metnors really appreciate your comments and this helps other parents too.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Questions about the venue or activity

If you have any questions about the venue or activities use the CONTACT button on the listing. Your message will go directly to the Mentor (provider).

Questions about eligibility

If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact your school or the HAF team at the Council directly.

Questions about the booking platform

If you have a query about using Eequ use the Chat link on the right of this page or email for more support on booking.

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