How to send a group message

Find out how to send a bulk message to a group of bookers

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You can send a group message to the bookers of any session by going to your Schedule Page.

You can send a copy to yourself as well.

Click on PAST DATES to send a message to a group that has already attended. This is useful to send messages about lost property or to ask bookers to leave a review.

How do I send a marketing email to a larger group of customers?

Go to your My Listing page, find the Listing and click Manage Listing.

Do I need my customer's permission to send them an email?

You do not need permission to send an email to a customer for the purpose of delivering the service they have enquired about or booked. We call this a 'transactional email'.

πŸ“§ Transactional email examples:

  • Lost property

  • Notice of change of venue, meals, rules, and policies.

  • Preparation or follow on materials or advice.

  • Request for a review.

You do need marketing consent to send an email to promote new dates or another event. We call these 'marketing emails'.

πŸ’Œ Marketing email examples:

  • Promoting new dates or activities

  • Sending general information about your area of interest, not related to the booking

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