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How schools can use Eequ for HAF
How schools can use Eequ for HAF

Promote the HAF programme effectively and discover additional benefits for your school

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Welcome to Eequ, your new booking system for HAF, our team will be available to you and your families every step of the way.

You are in good hands - we’ve worked with HAF providers in over 49 counties and have the highest reputation for ease of use and support.

Getting started with parent comms

Your council will give you one link to a webpage that will contain all the HAF listings. Parents can scroll, search by map or many other filters.

Eequ is designed to be beautifully intuitive and there should be no need for explanations. They don’t need to pre-register - they just book!

The most important thing you can tell parents is who is eligible and explain the difference between universal free meals and benefits-related free school meals.

If you want to give parents a more step-by-step help, see the guide linked below.

Can Schools display the HAF activities near them?

Yes, absolutely! 🤩

Schools can also create a School Page completely free. They can add any HAF listings to this page.

In the future, they can even use Eequ for after-school activities, non-HAF holiday clubs or any bookable event.

If you love this idea, book a school onboarding session here with one of our team to get your school page set up.

Key benefits for parents using Eequ for HAF

  • No need for HAF codes

  • No need to pre-register

  • Easily manage your booking - cancel the odd session, message the provider and see each child’s schedule.

  • Some paid places are available for children who don't receive free school meals.

  • Create a portfolio for your child

And so much more! You are going to love it - and you can use it for any other purposes you like.

You can also send any questions to and we will get right back to you.

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