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How do I view my Reflections?
How do I view my Reflections?
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Mentors have two places they can view reflections.

Reflections page

Once a reflection is given, it will appear on this page.

  • It will be displayed as a list with newest Reflection first

  • The Reflection is displayed with the Listing title, cover image and a button to view the Listing page

  • A link is provided on the page for you to copy and give to customers, asking for a reflection

Listing page

Your reflections are displayed on the Listing page and displayed as a carousel. As we encourage Learners to leave a reflection

iPad view of a Mentors Reflections page

Eequ booking platform review page as seen from the providers interface. Displayed is a list of reviews with Listing title, cover image and link to the listing on Eequ marketplace.

View of a Mentors Reflections on their Listing page

Eequ public listing page gif animation that scroll to the review section on the listing

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