My Listings Page

The page to create, edit and manage your Listings on Eequ

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Navigation: Main menu > My listings

This is an important page to understand and will be one of the main pages you use on Eequ.

Create a Listing Button

You will be taken to a new page to setup your Listing

Published and Unpublished Tabs

Listings are automatically organised by their status:

  • A published listing will be save under the Published Tab

  • An unpublished Listing will be saved under the Unpublished Tab

Search bar

Quickly find a Listing. Only listings with the search term will be displayed

Sort Filter

Sort your Listings use the Sort filter, you can sort by:

  • A - Z

  • Next upcoming date (default setting)

Listing card

The Listing card displays your saved Listings. Within the card you can:

  • Quickly view helpful information

  • Edit your Listing

  • Manage your Listing

  • Quickly view how your Listing in displayed to the public

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