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Create an Organisation Page

What it is, what to use it for and how to set it up

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Navigation: Main menu > Organisations

What is the Eequ Organisation page

Your Organisation page is the go-to place for your customers. It displays all the provisions you offer.

If you are an organisation, small company or individual provider you can create your own Organisation page.

If you are not a business you can create an Organisation page

It is for anyone who wants to collate multiple listings into one place. You just need to be signed up to Eequ, which is free!

Examples of organisations could be: education providers, holiday clubs, venues, community groups, schools, councils or anyone who wants to collate multiple listings into one place.

Once you’ve created your Organisation page, you can share a link with your community so they can see everything you have to offer in detail and book. Bookers can also view a schedule of upcoming dates your activities.

How to set up your Organisation page

Click Organisations from the main menu, then click the Create an organisation button

Screenshot of Eequ web site showing the Navigation menu open and an arrow pointing to the Organisations button

Eequ Organisation page displaying Create an Organisation button and graphic explaining what an Eequ Organisation does

Add your Organisation name

Add new organisation account name, then click the Create button.

Note: Once you add your Organisation account name it becomes part of your organisations sharable link (url), this cannot be edited once set.

You can set up multiple organisations so it’s important to give each one a descriptive name.

Eequ Organisation page displaying a modal asking to input an Organisation name  with a button to confirm or cancel

Add your Organisation's details

  1. Add your organisation title - this can be tweaked from the name you set in the previous step

  2. Add a title for the short summary of describing what you offer

  3. Add a short paragraph summarising what your Organisation is and offers

Eequ organisation page set up Set 1, Details: Add name, paragraph title and about the organisation text box. Graphic displayed  on right handmade with an example

Add your Organisation logo and cover photo

Click the grey icon with avatar and upload your logo.

Note: Your logo is placed in a circle, make sure you have enough boarder for it to look good

Choose a cover photo that is impactful and engaging. Please don't upload an image that has text in it - it lessens the impact of your page!

Eequ organisation page, photos section. Displaying an upload for a logo and cover photo. An example graphic is displayed on the left hand side.

Add your Listings to the Organisation page

  1. Select the checkbox by each listing and it will be automatically added

  2. To remove a listing, simply click the bin icon. This will not delete your listing, only remove it from your Organisation page

Note: To add your listings, you need to have at leat one listing that is published. Listings set to Private will also appear on your Organisation page.

Eequ Organisation page showing how to add your Listings to Org step with checkboxes, listing name and Listing image preview. How to graphic displayed on right-hand side

Add any listing that is published on Eequ

  1. Search for the Listing you want to add in the input box

  2. Select the Listing from the dropdown

  3. It will then be previewed on the page

  4. If you need to remove it, simply click the bin icon. This will not delete the listing, only remove it from your Organisation page

  5. When you add somebody else's Listing, they will be notified by email.

  6. To add more Listings, repeat the procedure.

Eequ Organisation page showing how to dd any Listings to Org step with checkboxes, listing name and Listing image preview. How to graphic displayed on right-hand side

Invite Collaborators

If a provider is not on Eequ and you would like to add them to your Organisation, you can invite them to join Eequ and create a Listing.

  1. Enter their email address (you can enter multiple emails if you wish)

  2. Write a message explaining that you would like them to join Eequ and be on your Organisation page.

  3. Press the Send invite button

  4. When invitees have joined Eequ, they should reach out to you to add their Listing, or you can search and add it if you know they've joined.

Add Social links to you Organisation page

If you want promote your organisation across social media, just add the links and they’ll appear on your page for people to follow.

Choose your Organisation page visibility setting

Select from two choices:


Your page can be viewed by everyone and can be found on web browsers.


Only accessible only to those who have the unique link.

Add your Organisation to your website as an iFrame

  1. From the settings page copy the code provided

  2. Add the code to header of your desired web page. It's as simple as that!

Now publish your Organisation page

If you want to review your setup Click the back button to go to each section. When you're happy, go to the Settings page and click the publish button - you're done!

Once published a modal will appear displaying your unique Organisation link. You can copy it and use the share button and share on your Socials straight away.

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