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How to customise and print your register
How to customise and print your register

Find out how to organise, edit columns, sort and print off different views of your register.

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Your register can be viewed in many different ways to respond to the task that you are doing.

Your register lives on your Schedule Page

How can I see an overview of my group's SEND or dietary needs at a glance?

You can look at your session register in 3 different ways.

  1. Mobile view

  2. Ipad view (half page)

  3. Desktop view (full screen)

Mobile view

Ipad view

Desktop view

Editing and re-ordering columns

Click on Edit columns to change the order of your columns and to remove any columns you don't want to look at.

You can change your view anytime.

Sorting by first name or last name

Click sort to see your attendees ordered by either their first or last name.

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