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Chasing up non-attenders
Chasing up non-attenders

See the attendance habits for any learner and send bulk messages

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Non-attendance can occur for many reasons and although it is frustrating for Mentors it can sometimes indicate that the family or child may need extra support and attention. For this reason, it is important to have a sensitive non-attendance policy that places the child in the centre. The child is unable to take responsibility for attendance.

HAF providers can ask their Councils for advice regarding non-attendance policies and procedures. If your activity is in high demand, you may have a policy to send a message to non-attenders. In the message, you can ask why they did not cancel in advance and explain that the place could have been taken by someone else.

In this video, I will show you how our program helps parents stay engaged and attend events. I will walk you through the process from both the Mentor's and the parent's perspective. You will learn how to manage bookings, send reminders, track attendance, and communicate with parents.

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