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How will I know when a parent/learner has booked a session?

You will receive an email and a message notification on the website. You will see a summary of the booking in your Bookings page. It will be labelled as ‘Approval needed’ until you approve or decline the request. 

Can I see the parent/learner profile before accepting a booking?

Yes, you will see the profile details before you accept the booking. On the child's profile, a parent can note any personal preferences, learning styles and allergies that they wish to share publicly with mentors. Adult learners also have a section where they can write about themselves.

How do I contact a learner before accepting a booking?

A booking request automatically opens a messaging channel between you and the learner. Go to 'Messages' to view all of your messages.

Can I refuse to accept a booking?

Yes, you may decline any booking. It's nice to send a message of explanation if this happens, and to rearrange if possible.

How do I contact someone who has booked an activity?

In the left-hand navigation menu, click on 'Messages'. From here, you will be able to message anyone who has made a booking or an enquiry with you. The booker will also receive an email when you send them a message though the platform.

What happens if the minimum group size for an activity is not met?

It's up to you whether you still want to go ahead with the session. If you decide not to, you can cancel the bookings or try to rearrange. Click here for a tutorial on how to cancel bookings.

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