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How to manage a Waiting List

How to manage a Waiting List on Eequ

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Waitings Lists are free to use for every Eequ Mentor ✨

Who should use Waiting Lists?

  • You want to manage a waiting list queue

  • You want to decide who to invite to take places as they become available.

What happens if I don't switch on Waiting Lists?

  • When your group size is reached we show FULLY BOOKED

  • As soon as a cancellation happens bookings open again

  • Bookings take place on a first come first served booking policy

Turn on a Waiting List

On your Listings Page, click the Waiting List toggle for each listing you want the Waiting List to apply to.

What bookers see

When all sessions are booked in your date block, Bookers can then join the Waiting List.

Note: If you use Drop-in tickets with multiple sessions in a date block, the Waiting List will only activate when all sessions are fully booked, not for individual sessions.

When a booker joins the Wait List they can add an additional message if they wish.

Bookers are told where they are in the queue and can easily remove themselves.

Managing your Waiting List

You will get an email from us and can see an overview of all your waiters on your Waiting List page. Manage your Waiting List from your Listing Page.

You can quickly see how many places you have available.

You can see individual messages and decide who is the best fit for the next place.

You can also reply to messages and remove people from the list.

Inviting a waiter to book

With the Waiting List switched on, bookers can only book with a Magic Link. To send a Magic Link click the blue icon and send any additional information.

NOTE: The magic booking link will allow the booker to make a booking request for any number of learners and any future sessions in your block.

If you want to limit this offer, remember to write the details in your message.
"I can offer one place on Wednesday only."

The booker will have 24 hours to use the magic booking link before it will expire.

NOTE: The magic booking link will allow you to override your maximum group size, so keep an eye on the places taken.

We hope you love using this feature!

See also our troubleshooting article Waiting Lists: Why can't I take bookings?

Check out a similar feature called Register Interest.

If you need any help, reach out to or click the intercom button on the bottom right of this page.

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