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Hide the number of places remaining.
Hide the number of places remaining.

Control how and when the remaining places are displayed to bookers.

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Find this option on the Settings tab of your Listing. It will allow you to hide the remaining places on any of your listings. Some Mentors feel that a booker will delay booking if they believe there are a large number of tickets available.

Where remaining places are shown on Eequ

The remaining places are normally displayed on your dates page or date selection drawer, see below.

Remaining places are also shown on any Organisation Page the listing is associated with, see below.

How to control the display of remaining places

To hide your remaining places on a listing go to My Listings > Manage Listing > Edit Listing > Settings Tab and scroll down to the bottom to find this section.

This new section will enable you to hide the remaining places on a listing of yours until a certain number (that you control) is reached.

If you set this to 0 (see below) the remaining places will be hidden permanently. Fully booked will be displayed when all your places are booked.

If you are happy to display the exact number of places remaining, simply leave the setting toggled off.

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