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How to hide a block of dates

Find out how to prevent bookings without unpublishing your listing

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There may be times when you want to pause or stop bookings without unpublishing your listing entirely. For example:

  • You want time to prepare for the delivery

  • You have reached the optimal group size for one of several blocks

No problem! Simply 'HIDE' the block of dates.

How to Hide a Block of Dates

> Go to Menu

> Click on Manage Listing

> Select Edit Dates

> Click on the Eye icon

That's it!

  • Your block of dates is no longer visible to the public

  • You can "unhide" it anytime

Benefits of Hiding Dates over Unpublishing Listings

If you hide your dates your customers with still be able to find your listing, register their interest and message you.

When they click BOOK they will be met by this page:

Hiding a session

If you need any help with hiding a block you can use the chatbot on the right or contact

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