If you need to contact all the people who have booked a particular listing you can download their emails from your listing page.

> Go to Menu

> Manage Listing

> Download listing information

> Select the relevant session dates

> Choose download type 'Marketing'

Your marketing listing data will download as a CSV which is a format that can easily be converted into your chosen spreadsheet type such as excel, google sheets or numbers.

Normally you can choose File > Export as > (your preferred file type)

Things to remember for data privacy and GDPR

  1. Always use BCC in your emails so that you don't disclose one booker's email to another booker.

  2. A message about your agreed service is a 'transactional' email. You don't need express permission to send this. A promotional message is considered marketing and you need to check that consent has been given.

If you have any more questions about downloading your data contact us using the chatbot on your right or at hello@eequ.org

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