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How to approve bookings when my council uses Eequ centrally
How to approve bookings when my council uses Eequ centrally

Learn about the eligibility checking process and how to make the final approval.

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If your council uses Eequ centrally such as East Sussex, Herefordshire, Portsmouth, Milton-Keynes, Newham and Redbridge, taking HAF bookings will be a piece of cake 🍰

Step 1: The parent makes a Booking Request

Eequ sends them an email to keep them in the loop.

Step 2: Eligibility check is done by the Council

You will see the eligibility status of the booking on your booking page. If the top label turns green, all the children on the booking are eligible and it's your turn to make the final decision.

Click on the ℹ️ icon at the end of the booking row to find the checkout answers. Check the needs of the child and if you are happy to approve, click the green button: APPROVE.

If the top label is yellow and says HAF ElLIGIBILITY PENDING, you don't need to do anything. Your council will be looking into this booking and the label will change soon.

If you click approve before the eligibility label has turned green we will show you a warning modal.

If you need to Decline, you will get a chance to add a personal message, and we will send a full email to the booker.

STEP 3: Once the booking has been approved, we will send an email to the booker.

They will see their booking status change to 'Approved' on their Schedule and Booking page on Eequ.

Once you approve the booking, the attendees will be added to your register on your Schedule Page

Check out our article on How to Take the Register

We wish you a wonderful HAF delivery. Don't hesitate to book a support call if you need help or would like to discuss using Eequ for any of your other booking needs.

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