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How to accept Childcare Payments on Eequ
How to accept Childcare Payments on Eequ

Learn how to add your setting and all the Childcare schemes that you accept

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Using Eequ you can accept and track Childcare Payments. See the image below to understand the process from booking to reconciling the payment.

All this can be done on Eequ ๐ŸŽ‰ Let's set this up, step by step:

First, go to your Menu and select Workflows.

Choose Childcare Payments

Then add the Setting name exactly as it appears in your Childcare Scheme documentation.

Add your Postcode and Regulator or Ofsted number.

Now we have to add every scheme that you accept. Each scheme has a different website and each website asks for different information from bookers who are searching for your Setting. To make it easy for them, you should add a link to the website and tick all the pieces of information that they need to find you.

Watch this quick video to see how we add each Childcare Scheme.

When you receive a booking that has been made with Childcare Payments you will receive a special email reminding you of the process.

Hop over to your Bookings page. You can see the status of the booking clearly. You can click the โ„น๏ธ icon at the end of the booking row to see if the parent has added their reference number and confirmed their payments.

Don't worry! We will keep reminding them until they do.

Every Friday we will send you a summary so that you can check your bank statement and know which payments to expect.

When you are happy that these bookings match up to your bank statement, you can click the booking link in the email to open the booking drawer and tick them off.

This way you will always know where you stand with Childcare Payments, who has paid and when to do your banking admin.

We hope you enjoy using this feature. Please contact us using the chatbot on the right or by emailing if you have any questions.

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