How To Add A HAF Adult Ticket
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You may have a family HAF activity and would like to ask that parents attend a session with their child.

This article explains how to add an adult ticket for an accompanying adult.

Watch this short video first:

What special properties do Adult HAF tickets have?

  1. People who select an Adult HAF ticket don't get asked children questions such as;

    1. 'Are you eligible? or

    2. 'What school do you go to?'

  2. Adult HAF tickets are not counted in the DfE metrics

  3. Adult HAF bookers don't get checked by the Council for eligibility.

What should I do if an Adult books a child ticket?

Just Decline the booking and ask them to book again, selecting the Adult ticket.

How do I indicate that Adults don't get a meal?

Try writing this in the ticket name, for example:

  • Adult, no meal

How can I make sure that I don't over or under-book?

You probably don't know how many Adults are coming but have a strict limit on the number of funded child places. No problem - you can set a ticket limit on the child ticket and increase the overall group size. See our Ticket Limit article here.

If you have any questions, simply click the green speech bubble on the bottom right of your screen and send us a message. We'll be delighted to help.

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