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How to Limit Ticket Quantities
How to Limit Ticket Quantities

Learn how to fine tune the number of attendees by limiting the number of different tickets available.

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There are many scenarios where you might want to offer different types of tickets with a different number of tickets. You can do that with our Advanced Ticket settings.

Example 1: Parent and Child group

You have a Parent and Child group and can only manage 8 children. However, you don't mind how many parents come. You want the parent to book a ticket for themselves so that you know who to expect.

  1. Set the Listing Group size to 24 to allow for a maximum of 8 children and 16 parents.

  2. Set the Child Ticket limit to 8

  3. Set the Adult Ticket limit to 16

Example 2: Free HAF and Paid HAF

You have 20 funded spaces to offer for the HAF programme but you would like to top up with up to 20 paid places. You have 40 places available altogether.

  • Set your Listing Group size to 40

  • Create a Free HAF ticket and limit it to 20

  • Create a Paid HAF ticket and limit it to 20

Change ticket quantities for some dates only

In the examples above I've shown you how to set limits on your tickets and these limits will apply to all the new blocks of dates that you create in the future unless you decide to change the limits.

However, sometimes you might like to change the ticket quantities for a particular block. You can do this on the DATES TAB.

Example 3: A smaller group is wanted for one block of dates only

Imagine that you normally have a staff ratio of 1:16 for your bushcraft weekends but one block offers a higher risk activity of bouldering and you want to restrict this to 1:4.

  • Go to your DATES TAB

  • Find the block of dates you want to limit ticket sales for

  • Click on the COG

  • Set a limit for that block only

If you need any help, reach out to or click the intercom button on the bottom right of this page.

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