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Managing SEND bookings in a prescriptive way
Managing SEND bookings in a prescriptive way

Learn how to allocate spaces to young people after you have reviewed their needs

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SEND providers have many considerations when accepting direct bookings from the public. SEND teams must think about the particular constellation of children and staff, and the suitability of venues and activities. For this reason, it can be useful to consider a different booking process.

In this guide, I will show you how to invite parents or carers to Register their Interest in an activity and how you can use the Bespoke Invoice to confirm the details of the sessions you have allocated.

Watch this video for an overview of the process:

Remove tickets and display Register Your Interest

First, you create a listing in the normal way and then remove the tickets from the block by clicking the little cross.

The booker will now see "Register Interest"

You can find your queue of interested people by clicking on the link on your My Listings page. You can message them or use their direct contact details to conduct any assessments that you normally do before accepting a child.

Once you have decided which venue and date you would like the child to attend, you can send the parent/ carer a Bespoke Invoice.

You can fill in the council questionnaire on their behalf or ask them to do this on receipt of the email. They will receive a clear email giving them full details of the venue, date and time of their booking as well as any personal message that you add.

If you need any help with managing your SEND Short Breaks with Eequ, please book a support call with one of our team.

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