Safeguarding Advice for Mentors

Guidelines for Mentors: Safeguarding

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What safeguarding does Eequ have in place?

We are not an employer, we act as an introducer and we show learners/parents all the information that the you have declared regarding your safety precautions. We do not verify it. We ask you to make all your documents easily available to learners/parents and recommend that parents  take full responsibility for satisfying themselves that their children are safe. 

Can I photograph children during the activity?

Do not take or publish photos of children or vulnerable adults on listings without written consent. We advise parents to contact you directly if they have any concerns.

Can parents attend/observe the activity with their child?

If you are happy with this you can tick this option in your create a listing process. However, we recommend parents never leave a child unattended if they have any concerns whatsoever about their wellbeing. 

What if a disclosure is made to me? 

It is the responsibility of all adults to take seriously any disclosures or allegations of harm, neglect or abuse of under 18s or vulnerable adults. If receiving any disclosure of harm, neglect or abuse (or imminent harm, neglect or abuse) regarding under 18s or vulnerable adults, we recommend:

Advise the person that you are obliged to pass on what they tell you and are not able to keep anything they tell you confidential.

Allow the person to speak without interruption, being accepting and non-judgemental about what is said. Do not ask investigative or leading questions.

Immediately after a disclosure, contact ESCC Social Services for advice, or the EEQU Designated Safeguarding Officer.

What if parents want to make a complaint?

We recommend they speak to you directly in the first instance. If they are dissatisfied by your response or feel Eequ should be informed, learners/parents can contact us at and we will attempt to mediate a further conversation or decide on other appropriate action. 

What if an allegation is made against me?

If there is an allegation against any ‘mentor’, ‘learner' or 'booker' with an EEQU profile, their profile will immediately be removed from public view on the EEQU website. The mentor, learner or booker will be informed of this, but without stating any details of the allegation (as this may jeopardise any enquiry).

The Designated Safeguarding Officer(s) shall make a decision whether to contact the County Council Children’s Services and/or the police within 24 hours, or as soon as shall be reasonably practicable. 

EEQU shall not, under any circumstances, undertake any independent investigation or questioning. 

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