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Getting ready for an event
Getting ready for an event

How to check your bookings and schedule

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So the big event is getting close, let's see who's coming and check there is nothing outstanding.

First, go to your Booking Page and check there are no unapproved bookings:

Then, go to your Schedule Page and take a look around! Each session is shown separately as a card. You have filters and can export your information in bulk.

Click on the TAKE REGISTER button to see the attendees. Click the blue View Notes link to see any extra information such as allergies and learning needs.

The Schedule Page is designed to work beautifully on a mobile phone but if you think you will not have any signal or wifi you can download your Schedules here:

You can also make a final check on messages by going to your Messages Page.

When the event is over don't forget to ask for a review straight away.

Simply ask bookers to open Eequ on their mobile phone and click Reflections in the menu. Your listing will be displayed!

Good luck with your event!

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