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Automatic Discounts

Offer Sibling, Multi-Session and other rule based discounts automatically at checkout

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There are lots of ways to offer different prices on Eequ. The simplest way is to create several tickets and ask the booker to self-select the correct one, for example:

However, if you want to give a discount based on a rule such as how many attendees are in the bookings or how many sessions are booked, then you can create an Automatic Discount.

To create an Automatic Discount go to Menu > Workflows:

How to create a Sibling Discount

A sibling discount is really a 'multi-person' discount rule. Follow this video to see how to set one up.

How to create a Multi-Session Discount

A Multi-Session discount is useful to incentivise bookers to commit to more sessions in one go. You can create as many rules as you like. The multi-person is always a % discount and is always calculated after any multi-person discounts have been deducted.

Checking your discounts with the calculator

Once you have created your discounts you can check that they have been applied correctly by using the handy calculator.

Click on the calculator and create a test scenario to see what discounts would be applied.

What do the bookers see?

Bookers see a bright yellow promotion on the booking page and during their date selection to remind them to take advantage of the offers.

Can I have a Multi-Person discount and a Multi-Session discount at the same time?

Yes, you can! Remember:

  • Multi-session discounts are always applied after Multi-person discounts have been calculated

  • If you create two conflicting rules we will offer the best price to the booker

We hope you love using this feature. Please book a support call if you need any help getting set up.

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