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How to Promote your Council-Funded Sessions
How to Promote your Council-Funded Sessions

Tips on how to raise awareness amongst eligible families

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You have something wonderful to offer and it's free, the next step is to find all the eligible families. You might think this will be easy but getting people's attention is surprisingly difficult. Only an average of 20% of eligible families book - why?

There are lots of reasons why families might not know they are eligible for a council-funded activity. People can be busy, stressed and distracted, particularly if they are under financial pressure. Some parents might not read their emails and some might have poor literacy.

Sharing responsibility for raising awareness

It's hard to get people's attention and many families don't know what they are entitled to. Raising awareness is a shared responsibility between you, the council and Eequ.

How you can promote your Listings

Most councils expect you to promote and market your listings so that you can achieve the number of eligible bookings that you have been funded for. Here are some ideas:

Posters and flyers

Creating a poster and smaller flyers can be helpful for families that aren't connected to social media and don't check their emails regularly.

You can download a QR code from your My Listings page and add a QR code to your poster.

  1. Go to the local schools and ask if you can hand out flyers at home time

  2. Give some flyers to the school to put in eligible children's bags

  3. Put up posters in community centres and village halls

  4. Put up posters in GP surgeries

  5. Give flyers to the local Citizen Advice Centre

  6. Give flyers or posters to the Jobs and Benefits offices

๐Ÿ˜ Remember to collect old posters and provide new ones

Social media

Facebook and Instagram are the best channels for parents.

  1. Before bookings open, post the Eequ link and ask parents to Register their Interest


Facebook's algorithms donโ€™t want links in the main body of the text that take you away from Facebook. If you put them in the main body of the text, they dramatically reduce their support of your post.

Best to put the link as the first comment to the post ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. After bookings open, post your link, every few days, with extra photos of what you are doing. Keep posting until you are fully booked.

Export your Marketing List from Eequ

Eequ collects your marketing consent from every booking. This means you can promote your next delivery to everyone who has opted into your marketing. Go to My Listing > Manage Listing > Download listing information, to get a neat list of all the parents who want to hear more about what you offer.

Consider asking your families to share your email with other eligible parents.

Make your marketing email interesting. Tell the families what specific activities you will offer and how fun it will be for the children.


Be careful to enter the parent's emails into the BCC (blind copy) line of any marketing email so that you don't disclose personal information to other parties.

Collect Reflections

Once a session is over, you can send a group message to your bookers and ask them to follow this link to send a message:

They can open their menu and go to Reflections at any time as well.

How Eequ helps to promote your Listing


Eequ works on the technology side of promotion by focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We make sure that your listing ranks highly and will be found by anyone searching directly on Google or other search engine. Google knows what location people are searching from and will find the most relevant link for the searcher. Bookers can discover you via Google, even if they don't have the council's link or your link.

If you put text in your cover photo, Google will downrank your listing as text in images does not comply with accessibility standards.

User experience

Eequ also works on the "user experience". This means that a person with only a few moments of attention will be able to land on your listing, understand the offer and take an action to book. We know that this has to happen in only a few seconds as people have a limited attention span when using the internet.


We also send two booking emails and two reminder emails for each booking or session.

How your council promotes your listing

Your council will promote the delivery via multiple channels but they need your help and this is an important part of the funding agreement.

  • They have a dedicated website page

  • They have a dedicated Eequ Organisation Page

  • They promote via social media

  • They send marketing emails to parents who have previously booked

  • Your council communicates with schools and head teachers.

  • Sometimes they host information days

  • They communicate with professional services such as children in care, social services and SEND teams

  • They communicate with other council teams with overlapping concerns such as household support funds


If we work together we can increase the percentage of eligible families that book. Currently, only 20% of eligible families engage in the funded programmes.

It will have a big impact if you:

  1. Make your listings beautiful - read our help guide here

  2. Make a marketing plan for before, during and after each delivery

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